Sanifoam Products

Firex, is utilized for sound and thermal insulation in air conditioner channels, centers and also in areas where fire risk exists.
Due to its high density it is effective both in high and low frequency bands.

General Properties

75-100 kg/m3
Fire proof
(BS 476 Part 6 Class 0, Part 7 Class 1)
No mold content
Excellent sound and thermal insulation
Available in sheets, rolls and pyramid forms
Different lamination derivatives
Heavy layer option





Echopol, is utizaled for medium and high frenquency sound absorbtion ,reverberation control,
acoustic and thermal insulation, where necessary.

General Properties

30 kg/m3
Flame retardant (MVSS 302 SENBR)
Excellent sound and thermal insulation
Different forms and thicknesses
Lamination deritaves
Heavy layer option